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Our goal is to make the process of requesting reservations and checking or updating those requests as simple as possible. A basic overview of Fleet Services vehicle reservation process is listed below. Just follow these three easy steps:

Step 1

First, click on "Make Reservation" from the home page. You will need to select "This vehicle is for me" or "This vehicle is for ______."  (see step 2 for making a request for someone not in your department) There is a search box that contains names to select. Then click "Next (Continue Request)."  The next step is to choose if you want a daily rental or a bus rental.

The "Request Information" page is where you enter your "Schedule Information" which includes the pickup date and time including AM and PM selection.  (See policies for reserving vehicles for after hours use) NOTE: For early morning travel before our office opens, be sure to submit  the pickup date/time for keys between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM the day before. Below that is "Additional Information," where you will enter the name of your organization and enter the fund to charge  (the account number only;  no spaces, additional numbers, letters, etc.) You must also enter the destination. Names of additional drivers must be listed in the "comments" section. Anyone who wishes to drive must have a profile registered in Fleet Commander. We ask that drivers' names be entered for your request at least five days prior to the date of pickup.    

Click Next  (Continue Request) or Cancel Request. 


Step 2
Confirm Request

The DRIVER'S  fund manger will receive an email for travel approval.  They must  "reply to all" either approving or not approving the request.  If approved we will then process. Make sure the request for approval goes to the correct fund manager.  NOTE:  If you are making a request for someone from a different department whose fund manager cannot approve for the account entered, you should select "This vehicle is for me," and then enter the actual driver's name in "comments."  This will make it easier for the request to be approved when your department's funds are being charged.  If you are making a request for yourself wherein another department will be charged, you should contact that department  and have them make your request for you. If the correct fund manager is not listed in your profile, forward the request confirmation email to the correct fund manager and ask them for approval.   If the request is not approved within five business days we will remove the assigned vehicle.


When the request is approved, it is given a status of "Approved."  You will receive an email indicating reservation approval.

At any time, my schedule may be used to view the status of your reservation request(s) online.  Additionally, you may cancel or request changes to your reservation request(s).

Note: If your reservation request is "Rejected" or "Cancelled," then you will recieve an explanation with your email response indicating the reason.


Step 3
Pick-up Vehicle

Finally, pick up your vehicle at Fleet Services office.  You will be required to show your driver's license.

 You should be sure to review our policies (if you are not familiar with them) and our current vehicles and rates. If you need any further assistance, please contact us by email, phone (during normal business hours), or fax.

Please review the Privacy Statement if you have concerns about your personal information that you submit.


Vehicle Reservation Request


After the vehicle is returned, please be sure to provide us with feedback on your experience with Fleet Services.

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